Foster Youth to Independence (FYI)

Foster Youth to Independence (FYI) is a program under which Tenant Protection Vouchers (TPV’s) are offered for youth to prevent homelessness among youth with a current or prior history of child welfare involvement.  The Lycoming County Housing Authority (LHA) accepts referrals of youth certified by Lycoming County Children and Youth Services as eligible for assistance.

The FYI vouchers assist eligible youth for a period of 36 months, subject to availability.

Eligible Youth Must Meet the Following Conditions:

  • Have attained at least 18 years and not more than 24 years of age
  • Left foster care, or will leave foster care within 90 days, in accordance with a transition plan at age 16 or older
  • Is homeless or is at risk of being homeless.

Eligibility is not limited to single persons.  For example, pregnant and/or parenting youth are eligible to receive assistance assuming they meet the eligibility requirements.

Supportive Service Requirements:

While participating in the FYI program, Lycoming County Children and Youth Services will provide the following supportive services to youth under the program:

  • Basic Life Skills training
  • Housing counseling
  • Landlord support services
  • Employment and job training
  • Education and career advancement services

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Youth are also invited to participate in LHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program where they may earn escrow while working on a plan to become economically independent.