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Friday, December 06, 2019

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In SaPa, there are three major races, each ethnic group have their own festivals and festivals were very fascinated international tourists have Vietnam visa to visit. The City has the festival Begins Poóc, the Ass festival, Gau Tao, the longer the people have holidays jump. Holiday dance held the first lunar month (1 - 2/1) at ta Phin commune, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province, Vietnam. Ritual of the 5 lines they are large in society is new, and new, Pan, Gold, The, Complaint held in his house mature them. To prepare the ceremony, afternoon, ass, 1, drumming, sex, wild, up bringing people to mature together they cut up a pig, pecking chicken. After dinner, the shaman invocation to invite the ancestors, their line of Tet with descendants. The 14 dances in turn are embodied by the men and women were selected in the village under the guidance of priests (feast). That is the rhythm: Dance the open road, bridge shuttle, ancestors about the food Festival; dance hello mom and dad, ancestors, the deceased is done by one leg, head bowed, index finger raised; dance invite first lady, cottage Christmas, everyone jumping simulator toucan wingspan fly away, then find parking again; dance to invite the gods to eat new year described by step full power of the tiger... Each tone has its own meaning with images and unique subject is the creation of the people of the village. After the dancing ritual is the procession and the bath ancestors. Object is made of wood, height of about 20-25cm, diameter 5cm, with dress ancient times, the right hand of the statue holding the cards indicate the name he held. Object is a descendant procession at ceremony, ablution, change new shawl. Water bath for the object is made from herbs through a process of distillation, strict, shown is the reverence of descendants with ancestors. Next to the dance offering chicken, Priest and three young men holding roosters and red and yellow, dancing, sacrifice chicken, procession chicken on his head, also dances carrying the chicken through the shoulders, dancing and classifieds chicken stock and cut more chicken ceremony. Dance is dance, the end of the ritual, drums, gong, busy sorcerer, and many young people head a turban of red cloth, holding a white flag, red flag, rhythmic dance. After the ceremony, people sit on trays and drink, happy new year, wish each other good things good good. Tet of dancing of the Dao contains many cultural values stock, meaning deep humanity, with ritual worship of ancestors.
Source: Du Lich