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Friday, January 17, 2020

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 Social Services

We are pleased you are exploring living with us! Lycoming Housing offers a variety of services and programs to help our residents attain self-sufficiency. Our staff is proficient at making the appropriate referrals with local community organizations and professional services located throughout Lycoming County. Lycoming Housing provides in-house services as well. We have listed a few ofthem below:

Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS)
This federally funded program is offered for residents receiving public housing or Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. If you are a motivated individual or family who is willing to work on personal goals to reduce your dependency on public assistance/housing programs, then this program is for you! An FSS Coordinator will work closely with you to set and complete your goals within a maximum of five years. During this time, as your income increases through meeting your goals, your rent increases as well. We take the difference between the rent you paid when you started the program and the new rent you are required to pay and place it in a savings account for you. If you meet all your goals in the time allotted, and you become free of public assistance programs the money is yours. If you don’t meet the goals you set, then the money just reverts back to us as rent. Many of our graduates have gone on to use the money for the purchase of their first home – the best goal yet!

Resident Training Toward Success (RTTS)
This program is targeted toward residents wanting to improve their employability by learning new skills in office management or the maintenance field. Office skills include using the copier, postage machine, operating the telephone system, basic computer skills, filing, and most importantly, customer service. The Maintenance program works with individuals who are paired with our work crews to learn the maintenance process and develop mechanical skills. The program consists of 168 on-site training hours. At completion, the resident will receive a stipend credit toward their rent. Lycoming Housing also teaches workplace etiquette such as punctuality, appropriate business dress, interpersonal skills, and working with the public.

Senior Programs
Lycoming Housing personnel and community organizations provide programs at various senior sites. Some of those programs include health screenings, on-site church services, holiday dinners, arts and crafts, field trips, and many others.Staff will accompany residents on day trips to the farmer’s market, Country Cupboard Restaurant, the Movie Theater, or the Hiawatha Paddle-Wheeler just to name a few.

For residents needing health services, LHA staff can make referrals to the Albright Life Center or to local health providers. Albright Life is designed to assist residents needing help with daily needs (cooking, medicines, bathing, etc.) stay independent as long as possible. Residents live in their homes while receiving services from Albright. Other referrals may include physical therapy, nursing home convalescing or health screening services. Education Programs Staff can make referrals to agencies providing GED and ABE programs and make appropriate referrals to local college counselors and financial aid advisors. Youth educational programs are located at different LHA sites and all include gang prevention and academic support programming.

Child Care
A child care program through the YMCA is available at our Penn Vale Site. This child care is a state licensed accredited daycare and has a waiting list. If you choose another daycare, we’ll help get you signed up for assistance in paying for it. Sign up early to avoid any delay in receiving services!Add Content...



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